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Established in 2018, Goldstone International is proud to be the leading gold and jewelry company in the Western region, not only in the field of gold but also in the field of diamond jewelry and gemstones. It always strives to provide the most beautiful, elegant and the best of what can distinguish women. We are distinguished by the existence of a number of our offices in the following countries: Saudi Arabia - Dubai - Turkey – Sudan So, we can offer the best services and the highest quality products Chief Executive Officer Fayez Al Harthi.
Chief Executive Officer Fayez Al Harthi.
Since ancient times, legends have been made on gold metal because of its magnificence and attractiveness. It has captured the imagination of women and men, and flared up their pasions over time. Gold beauty and splendor have been derived from its noble position as a favorite metal and an important element in the formulation of jewelry. This precious metal has also captured the imagination of poets and authors of stories and novels for many centuries. Man's passion for gold has led to the creation of a chemical method to find new ways and means to produce gold from other elements and components, and because of gold beauty, unique value and wonderful specifications, these features made it a precious metal in more than one field. Gold is the only metal that is not only characterized by its sheer beauty but also its easy workmanship and formulation. In addition to its scarcity, its great value and its non-perishability, it is stainless..

We are distinguished by the existence of a number of our offices in the following countries: Saudi Arabia - Dubai - Turkey – Sudan .
Delivery Information Goldstone International provides for its customers in both Saudi Arabia - Dubai - Turkey – Sudan the world's most beautiful collection of gold and diamond jewelry from all around the world. In the future, the Establishment seeks to become the first choice in the world of jewelry throughout the world with its modern designs, quality products, customer service and through the opening of many exhibitions in the world All you have to do is to contact with us and you will find what you want Branches: Jeddah Exhibition Jeddah Wholesale Office Dubai Branch Turkey Branch Sudan Branch Contact Us We will be very pleased if you join our list of distinguished customers. Just fill in the form below, and the Goldstone International team will reply to your inquiry. .
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